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Realty Executives Sedona
1835 W. SR 89A – Suite 1
Sedona AZ 86336

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sedona az home for sale

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Sedona AZ Home Sellers need to price house to sell

Sedona Real Estate

Well, when the competition in the local paper states that Sedona AZ Home Sellers need to price their homes competitively to sell - I can't take the blame!  If your home is too high, it will not sell. If no one sees your house - it's priced too high.  If you have had more than 10 showings and no one has made an offer on your house - it is too high.  If your realtor faints when you tell him what you want to list the house for - it's too high.  And quite honestly, why would you hire a realtor who lists your house for what you want. Do you go to the doctor and tell him/her your  prognosis?  Of course not.  You  go because he/she is an expert in their field and you need him/her to get you bett...

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